I considered starting a new blog. I suppose I feel ashamed of the times I feel depressed. I want to be an inspiration. I am proud of how many obstacles I have overcome. I want others to know they can as well. Today has been a “down” day for me; I have had quite a few over the past few weeks. Sometimes the feelings are fleeting, other times the linger throughout the entire day. In the end I concluded that it is dishonest and unfair to only express positive thoughts if that is not how I am really feeling. I can continue to get through these darker days. Only by acknowledging the dark can we appreciate the light.

A poem:

I get so tired of the down
I wake up and know it will be one of those days
Dreams that haunt linger

I can only keep moving
That’s what I try to do
Eventually the burden is too great

I hate the body I’m in
Is there any way out?
I try but somehow cannot keep up with the hunger

I wrote that today. I feel a little better, and it feels good to express myself in a creative way, even if it felt difficult to get the motivation to do so. That is really all I want to post right now. I will try and post more often.