Happy Monday!

It’s been a little while so I figured I should try and pick this up again. I ended up quitting the job at the moving company. When I signed up for the job I thought I would be doing strictly in-bound customer service work, which turned out not to be the case at all. I was able to get some tutoring hours at the local community college and have some private tutees as well, so I should be fine financially for a little while at least. Leaving that job forced me to evaluate my professional future, however, and it came to me so easily..I want to be a librarian. I have considered working as a librarian in the past, but I always quashed the idea because my two former best friends both had aspirations of being a librarian; I guess I felt like I didn’t want to copy them or step on their toes or something. In retrospect those are pretty weird reasons to avoid going after something, but since they are no longer in my life (or even pursuing a career as a librarian for that matter) there is no reason why I shouldn’t try. I think my B.S. in Mathematics will work well as a background for a Master of Library Science degree and a good school in my state offers an online program that would work perfectly for me. I have been applying for every library-related job I can find, rounded up my references and have until July 15th to apply for the fall so we’ll see! I would like to try and get a job in a library before I apply, but if not I will just apply with the credentials I have and hope for the best. I have worked in a library before but it was a while ago. I think I will use this forum to pick an arbitrary deadline for myself..apply May 1st if I haven’t managed to secure a library job by that point in time? Sounds good to me. 🙂

I was originally going to use this post to talk about peer pressure, because I had a pretty rough weekend recently where I allowed myself to be pressured into drinking much more than I normally would. I hadn’t really drank much in the past few months and it was terrible. I used to be the queen of peer pressuring and I think that was probably karma giving me what’s coming to me. I had feelings of regret and shame, along with the headache and fatigue, of giving in to something that was so bad for me. I missed my yoga class the next day and it took me a full two days to recover. I haven’t smoked in 44 days now and although the pressure was on to do that as well I am so glad, and proud, that I didn’t give in. I have disposed of any remnants from my stoner past and am ready to embark on the future.

I think that’s enough for now, I was up until 5am last night deep cleaning the house and am still a little worn out. Hopefully the Spring cleaning will help Spring know to hurry up and get here fast! I’m over the cold. Thanks for reading! ❤ 😀