Bucket List

One of my favorite new shows is “An Idiot Abroad,” about a British man, Karl, who is sent to various famous locations around the world to learn more about the local people and culture. It is wonderful because at the beginning of the series he is very resistant to many things but by the end you can tell that his world view has developed and changed. It is produced by Ricky Gervais, adding a bit of additional humor. Most of the locations they chose were top locations on bucket lists and it has inspired me to create my own. I have never made one before, so here goes, in somewhat random order:

1) Have a baby-I would love to experience being pregnant and give birth. I am not ready to start working on this just yet but it is definitely top of my list!

2) Be a mother-To go along with #1, if for whatever reason I am unable to give birth to my child I would love to adopt.

3) Swim a 10k-I have done a 5k before but never a 10k. I have heard there is an amazing one that goes around the Florida Keys; something like that would be incredible!

4) Visit Yosemite National Park-There is something about this place that holds great appeal to me. The hot springs, wildlife, etc. just sound like wonders worth seeing.

5) Bike 100 miles in a day-I have done a little over 50 miles in a day before, but a century would be better. 🙂

6) Kiss under the Eiffel Tower-I was fortunate enough in high school to be able to go on two school trips to Paris but never with the company of a kissable man. I have one currently (my wonderful boyfriend Grant) but if for some reason that doesn’t pan out I will grab the cutest Frenchman I see and plant one on him! 😉

7) Go to a nude beach-I am normally pretty shy about nudity but the idea of being naked on a beach with a bunch of other naked people is intriguing to me.

8) Swim in the Dead Sea-This is one I saw on “An Idiot Abroad” and I want to experience it for myself!

9) Visit (nearly) every continent-I know that Antarctica may be a little impractical but I would really love to visit at least one place on every continent. I’m two down (North America and Europe). If I can somehow make it to Antarctica, however, that would be incredible. My grandfather was actually a member of the second expedition to Antarctica so it would be pretty awesome to follow in his footsteps.

10) See an active volcano-Lava, fire, earth-shattering excitement!

11) See a tornado-I have been a little obsessed with severe weather my whole life. Seeing a tornado firsthand would be incredible.

12) Swim with dolphins-Dolphins are magical, cute and smart.

13) See elephants in the wild-Elephants amaze me. They seem like they genuinely care about each other and considering many humans seem to have a hard time with that makes it even more awesome to me.

14) Visit Petra, Jordan-An ancient city carved into rock and caves, beautiful and mysterious.

15) Visit Italy-Anywhere in Italy really. Just seems like a place you should visit.

16) Visit Spain-Again, just like Italy, a must-visit.

17) Visit Greece

18) Rent a cottage on a mountain lake-Beautiful clean, crisp water.

19) Go scuba diving-It it sounds exciting and somewhat frightening at the same time.

20) Stay in an ice hotel in Canada-I can double-win by getting to say I’ve visited Canada and stayed in an ice hotel. An entire hotel made of ice! You wrap up in fur coats and pelts…wait that might not work with my veganism…maybe they have faux fur??

For the sake of getting this posted, I will leave it for now and add as more come to mind! I would also love to hear about anyone’s bucket list items! Thank you for reading. ❤ 🙂